You’ve hit publish, but don’t stop there!

{5 ways to maximize the words you write}

How much time do you spend writing an article? Minutes? Hours? Days? After you publish it, what do you do to ensure you get good milage out of the words you have labored over?

“It all starts with writing.” — Sean McCabe

Writing is only the beginning. Once you have words on a page — a good story, a cohesive concept — you can repurpose it across multiple mediums.

1. Start by quoting yourself.

Share takeaways from your article on social media. Don’t tease by forcing people to click in order to receive value; quote the entire takeaway directly onto Twitter, Facebook, or your platform of choice.

2. Feature photos.

Do you have a featured image for your article? Share it on social media platforms like Instagram and use a portion of your article as a caption. If you have multiple images throughout your piece, rinse and repeat. Three images + one article = Monday/Wednesday/Friday content for Instagram.

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If you don’t already have a featured image, flip the process around: Can you use your Instagram pictures to illustrate articles? Consider the photos that have proven popular and whether they would also resonate with your blog audience. If they will, write an article using one of the images as inspiration.

3. Read your words out loud.

Record your words in audio format, and you could start a podcast! Hate your voice? All of us do! It’s because your voice sounds different in your own head so hearing it recorded is strange and uncomfortable. Believe me — it doesn’t sound nearly as awkward to everyone else.

4. Video is the content of the future.

According to people like Gary Vaynerchuk if you aren’t doing video you will become irrelevant. There will always be a place for the written word but if you want to stay top-of-mind in today’s culture you probably want to listen to Gary’s advice.

With the release of IGTV the barrier to entry feels lower than ever. You don’t have to use fancy equipment and create a masterpiece. Use your phone camera and upload with little or no editing. No need to start a new account either. If you already use Instagram, start a channel on IGTV. If you are on Facebook, upload your videos there.

You already have good content in your written articles, now choose a popular one and turn it into a video! Stop worrying about the best way and simply start doing it. You will figure out the “best way” as you experiment.

5. A note about comments on Medium…

One of my favorite Medium features is the way that comments on other articles are stories in and of themselves. Embrace this!

When you go to leave a comment, instead of a simple “Loved this!” take an extra moment to explain why. Highlight a takeaway from the original article and then build on it to create more value for anyone who reads it. Become known for your insightful comments.

Then use the other tips I’ve shared to mazimize those words! Don’t forget to give a shoutout to the original author who inspired your comment. Use it as an opportunity to build community!

You could even practice right now by crafting a response to this article 😉

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