Are you looking for a copywriter—or a wordsmith?

what we do at Civilized Animal Productions

Anyone can write. Really. Even someone who can’t spell or type or pick up a pen can use dictation to put one word after another.

Writing words that move people is another story.

It’s easy for Paul and I to call ourselves writers. The term is simple and straightforward. Yet the simplicity makes it hard to understand — there is so much more to what we do than simply stringing words together. We are wordsmiths, crafting magic with letters, dots, and dashes.

Rather than try to tell you what it means to make magic with words, let me show you through a story:

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A Lady came to us in search of help. She knew words well — a writer herself — but the people seeking her services were becoming overwhelming. She sought us out with a request to save her time by refining the drafts she produced.

She wanted editing, proofreading, and formatting; tasks simple enough for anyone who knows the rules. Mechanical, technical, simple steps. Yes, we are well equipped to do this work and help her words shine.

We can check off boxes, dot an i and cross a t, but we can offer more.

As professional wordsmiths we use our magic to achieve success for those who seek our services. If her goal were simply to dodge overwhelm by outsourcing a few steps of her process so be it, but her true desire is deeper than that.

We target her deeper goal.

Her success does not lie in any one piece of writing that she produces. Editing this article or proofreading that one is important, yes, but they are only small pieces of a larger puzzle. The puzzle comes together to present a picture of who the Lady is to anyone who might hire her. If the picture is inaccurate it will cost her jobs, but if the portrayal is impressive then the caliber of clients it attracts will increase.

We began with her front door — the homepage of her website in this day and age.

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The words there to greet us were cheery, but tired. They stood in good order but bored us with their wooden rigidity. This Lady deserved better servants.

In a single afternoon we worked our magic and transformed the tired hirelings into hosts who did their Lady justice.

A mere writer would have called upon his favorite words and phrases to communicate a message and a good writer would communicate that message well. An editor would have put those words in order, a good editor would eliminate every error. A wordsmith, however, guides those words toward a goal and inspires action.

What does this Lady want someone to do when they visit her Home? Transform from a casual visitor into a valuable client. This is the magic we work.

An effective homepage is only the beginning. Our specialty is turning words into ambassadors so why stop at the front door? Case studies long and short, captions for social media, emails sent to follow up with important contacts — all of these flow from our fingers and draw great clients seeking excellent work.

And what if this Lady writer sees the power a wordsmith wields and wants to become one herself? We can train her in our art. Simply hiring us begins her education as we do not hide the tools we use as we work our magic; she is free to watch and learn. We also offer apprenticeships to those who show themselves worthy.

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Photo by Vadim Burca

We work magic with words. We bridge ideas and eliminate gaps, find our clients success and make ink shine like silver. But our great mastery and joy is the ability to teach others how to work their special brand of wonders so that the world becomes a better place.

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