Usually I try to pick one key takeaway to highlight and respond to when I read an article but there are simply too many good points here!

It might seem odd that I would say this is a great article when I specialize in writing case studies and the free guide on my website is titled “3 Things to do Right Now to Strengthen Your Portfolio.” However, I understand that case studies detailing all the technicalities of a project aren’t what a potential client needs to read. The kind of case studies I write (and teach people to write) are success stories — the kind of story that will help a potential client see how you can bring him success too.

As for my guide about strengthening your portfolio — spoiler alert: I named it the way I did so that people who want to rely on their portfolios a little too heavily will read it. I want to help them begin their journey away from relying on a pretty grid of pictures to attract their clients and toward telling the stories of success that will help potential clients to see them as professionals who solve problems.

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