The Truth About Recurring Profit

Haley Burkhead swears by it—but is it right for you?

Jordan Aspen
26 min readFeb 11, 2021

Note: I include affiliate links in this case study, but only to products or services I actually recommend. They are clearly disclosed as like this: [affiliate link]. If you click them and then purchase a product through that link I may receive a “thank you” gift at no extra cost to you.

Recurring Profit (RP) is different from “recurring profit.” The first is a program created by Haley Burkhead and the team at HBHQ. The second is a generic term for a powerful revenue generator.

This case study is the story of how adding recurring profit to our business model has laid a strong foundation for us to grow and scale. After testing it out myself I now believe every entrepreneur needs to consider how an offer with recurring payments would help them achieve their revenue goals.

I wish I could recommend Recurring Profit as whole-heartedly.

The sales page promises that the program will create consistent $10K months with a course or membership site without relying on live launches, Facebook ads, and a big, warm audience.

Unfortunately, Recurring Profit simply doesn’t deliver.

It did however open my eyes to the power that recurring profit brings into our…



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