The last time I felt stuck was immediately before the discovery of mold in the wall of our home sent us spinning. My baby girl and I sought refuge 1,000 miles away in my hometown while my husband stayed behind to work, sleeping at a friend’s house.

Be careful what you wish for.

Prior to the discovery, I had felt uneasy and antsy, but left the decisions about our future to my husband. I’m so glad I did. He said he was watching for a sign, some clear direction to show us the path we were to take. I reminded myself that every time he had chosen this perspective before, the guidance came. So we waited.

I realized mold was making us sick and crazy at 5am after a sleepless night. The clarity came after I went to try to sleep in the car. I took comfort from the light rain, but the fresh air is what cleared my mind.

“Mold. Black mold. The symptoms are terrifyingly similar to what my friends went through a decade ago…”

I ran inside, scooped up my precious baby and told my husband his sign had come. We fled to a neighbor’s house and I finally managed to get a little sleep.

Later that day my husband peeked into a crawl space and confirmed my suspicion.

We are displaced. My husband is a thousand miles away from his wife and child. It’s not easy, but we aren’t stuck anymore.

And I’m glad.

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