Thanks for sharing about your grandfather’s routine!

The mold issue resolution will be ongoing… we fortunately were able to walk away from the house (since it was a rental) so we don’t have to deal with remediation. However, most of our possessions were contaminated and continue to make us sick. We are having to rebuild everything from scratch. Finding a new home is a struggle too since many homes have low levels of mold and/or other toxins that most people have no trouble with, but we are extremely sensitive because of the way the mold compromised our systems.

Its a journey. We have amazing people like our parents and dear friends who are letting us live with them while we sort things out. I knew a family of 11 who went through this a decade ago who still have their struggles. The mom’s blog is called “It Takes Time” and that is the best way to sum up the process of recovery from biotoxin illness cause by mold. It takes time. And we are just at the beginning…

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