Supercharge Your Writing

This course teaches people to use writing to sell more. Sean released the course right as I was preparing to publish my first book. I knew how to write, but I didn’t have a firm grasp on making sales.

I knew that if anyone could teach me to leverage the power of writing to help my audience and not be super sales-y Sean McCabe could. So I enrolled.

At first I used the course like an encyclopedia.

Instead of treating the course like a class series, going through the lessons chronologically, I started with the lessons that were particularly relevant in the moment.

In retrospect it would have been better to complete all the lessons from start to finish first. That way I would have had a solid overview and understood the details in context. Then I could have gone back to individual lessons to refresh my memory when I needed to tackle a certain kind of writing.

The lessons are short and easy to take in, but there are a lot of them. Honestly the task of completing all of them is a bit daunting, but when I review even one lesson I’m reminded how worthwhile the time investment is.

Now I’m taking the course systematically.

I have made a rule for myself that I can’t mark a lesson as “completed” until I take notes on it. As a result I am only officially a quarter of the way through. I’m pretty sure I’ve at least skimmed every lesson, but once I have systematic notes in my business bullet journal I will be confident that I have a solid understanding of everything the course covers.

Let me tell you, it covers a lot.

Here are the module titles — keep in mind each module has 3–8 lessons:

  • Why You Need to Learn About Sales Before Writing
  • Positioning Your Product or Service as the Obvious Solution
  • Getting Lifelong Customers Who Buy Again and Again
  • The Buyer’s Journey
  • Developing a Content Strategy
  • Reading Minds With Your Content
  • Building a Writing Habit
  • Creating an Editorial Calendar
  • Writing Effective Headlines
  • Skimmability and Writing for Short Attention Spans
  • Copywriting That Sells
  • Landing Pages That Convert
  • Using Open Loops to Get Readers Addicted
  • Tips for Editing Your Own Writing
  • Coaching Calls (live Q&A with students)

The format makes it easy to take in the content.

Each lesson (with a few exceptions like the Q&A sessions) is around 5 minutes long when consumed as a video. The lesson is also transcribed. Sometimes I skim the written version looking for a refresher on a particular point. Other times I watch and listen so that taking notes is easier. If I really want to make sure I understand and remember what I’m learning I read along while listening to the video.

The quality of every single one of Sean’s courses is amazing. It’s my goal to one day have his level of polish and professionalism.

I also appreciate his teaching style. He is clearly confident, but not overly so.

“I like being successful more that I like being right.” — Sean McCabe

He isn’t afraid to share what he has learned through making mistakes, and he talks about experiments that ended up proving his theory wrong.

At the same time he doesn’t get caught up in talking about himself. His lessons are focused and to-the-point. He uses illustrations to make important details memorable and then returns to the main topic.

If I wasn’t convinced before, Supercharge Your Writing has made it abundantly clear that writing is a vital tool for every entrepreneur. Thanks to this course I not only know how to write well, I can also leverage the power of writing to sell more and get great clients.

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