Stop Googling How to Run Your Business

Learn from these experts for free instead

Jordan Aspen
4 min readJan 16, 2022


I’ve learned a lot from Google, and YouTube, and Pinterest, and Facebook, and Instagram about starting and running an online business. It’s incredible how much free information there is out there!

It’s incredible how much free info is out there…

Some of it’s good. Some of it’s bad. And some of it’s downright ugly. That’s perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned from looking to random free resources on the internet: You can find anything and everything and you’re lucky if it is actually right for you and your business.

Back when I started my first business 15+ years ago I was lost. There wasn’t much in the way of support, so I figured it out as I went along. There was a lot of trial-and-error and a lot of time and money wasted.

So I quit and tried out a day job. That didn’t last long.

Back to the online entrepreneurial path I went, but this time I had a mentor. He spoke to me via his podcast and didn’t even know I existed.

This was the power of focused free info on the internet: I was able to re-start my business with tried-and-true methods that I learned from a consistent source who did business the way I wanted to do business.

It’s like Eden Fried, creator of the Rebel Boss Summit, says:

“People always ask me how to accelerate your results and grow faster as a business owner. The best answer I can possibly give: learn from other people who are already getting the results that you want to get!

Learn from experts!”

It’s true that you can find these experts through Google (or YouTube, etc). But you know what else you can find? Trash. People who want to sell to you more than help you. Outdated advice. Even outright lies.

Do not despair! These search engines were never meant to be your free-mentor-in-a-box.

You know what is though? The Rebel Boss Summit.

In fact, it’s better than a free-mentor-in-a-box because you won’t just hear from one expert, you’ll hear from 30.



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