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Our Journey to Recurring Profit

A case study: the first 30 days

Note: I have since published a full case study of the year I spent in Haley Burkhead’s Recurring Profit program. I suggest you check it out here:

Autumn 2019: We were barely making ends meet and we didn’t have the time or energy to work harder to change that. Still, both Paul and I were committed to making this whole work-from-home thing work and neither of us wanted to have to find a day job.

Both of us felt like it was time to invest in leveling up. The trouble was, we didn’t have any extra money hanging around to let us do that.

I heard about the opportunity to join Haley Burkhead’s Recurring Profit program (leave a comment and I can get you more info if you like) and while I knew we probably couldn’t afford it, I applied anyway. I hoped to at least get some direction from the free 10K-Action-Plan call.

On Halloween I hopped on the call with Destiny. I told her about this membership idea Paul and I had come up with on our last Seventh Week Sabbatical. We were thinking about taking Brendon Burchard’s advice and making it a $29/month “tripwire” product — something that wouldn’t necessarily earn us a lot of money itself, but would lead to selling more of our higher-level products and services. It was too much for me to imagine making $10K/month with such a tiny offer, so Destiny ran the numbers that would make it possible to hit $5K/month. She showed me exactly what it would take to make that happen in the next 90 days.

Seeing it all laid out made me see how doable it was.

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I knew that the Recurring Profit program could help us achieve this and more, but there was a problem… We still didn’t have the money to invest up front. I figured we would have to pass on this opportunity.

Paul had asked me to collect all of the information and present it to him so that he could make the final decision. He is the owner of Civilized Animal Productions after all! Both of us initially responded thinking that it would be impossible to join the program. However, the opportunity was incredible and I knew that we would need the guidance of the program to achieve this kind of growth. This was not something I could DIY.

That night we talked some more and ultimately decided to go for it.

I hit the ground running the following Sunday. I had to, otherwise we would be losing money we couldn’t afford to lose. It was great motivation, honestly. I couldn’t overthink anything — I didn’t have the time to spare. I went through the lessons and implemented everything as quickly as possible. Within the first 48 hours I had a handful of market research calls scheduled and we started refining our membership offer.

By the end of the week I had 5 people join our Beta program as Founding Members. That meant we had already made more money than we had paid out as members of Recurring Profit. We were in the Black in less than 7 days. Over the weekend three more members joined.

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We spent the next week building out our program live with our Founding Members. Then we took a week off.

It was our Seventh Week Sabbatical and one of the first rules of Sabbatical is that we can’t change the dates. Period. So we took a week off and let our Founding Members dive into implementing what we had already given them.

The Seventh Week Sabbatical ended on day 23 of our Recurring Profit Journey. The first thing we did was touch base with our Founding Members. Our students were already seeing results! I took the energy from that encouragement and started working on a Free Training/Webinar that would become the heart of our evergreen funnel. On Thanksgiving day between family activities I published the registration page.

Looking back over the first 30 days I have no regrets. Could we afford to become members of Recurring Profit? Thankfully Paul recognized that that was the wrong question to ask.

The truth is we couldn’t afford not to invest in the Recurring Profit program.

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