My IGTV experiment

why I’m overcoming my fear of the camera (hint: it’s to help people like you)

I keep hearing it over and over: “In order to be relevant in the digital space you have to be producing video content.”

The people saying this have been right about things in the past, but I still didn’t want to listen. Every time I considered starting a YouTube channel I got discouraged. How would anyone notice my noob-style videos in such an ocean of content?

I finally uploaded my first YouTube video. A day later IGTV was announced.

I don’t know, but if it does I want to have a solid presence there. The IGTV ocean isn’t as vast as YouTube’s, so I actually have a chance of being seen there. Plus I already have a solid following on Instagram.

I embraced the essence of IGTV and for the first week of its existence put out a new video every day. From here on out I’ll be uploading videos weekly — every Thursday.

This fact is making it easier for me to get over my fear of the camera. My videos don’t have to be long or go deep. They don’t have to be perfectly edited. I make them on my phone and my viewers see them on their phones. (Well, mostly. You can view them on the computer if you want to.)

Getting over my fear of the camera is worth it because it lets me help people like you. Some things are better communicated over video. I’m figuring out what those things are within the context of what I am passionate about sharing. So far it has looked like this:

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