Love at Hindsight

A true love story better than a fairytale

Jordan Aspen


“It’s a pity,”

I thought when I first saw you,

“that I couldn’t possibly find you attractive

enough to date.”


your roommate was dating mine

and I was all for the convenience of double dates

in theory…


I couldn’t possibly

find you attractive enough to try and so



grew together slowly,

over empurpled poetry and private prose

and fireflies.


started falling in love

somewhere between the edge of nowhere and the house

where later we said

our vows.

The same house

where I had the pitiful thought that I couldn’t

find you attractive.

The house

where poetry on the porch

and the legless bench and a crying baby all

helped me see


The house where

in hindsight love started growing way back

at first sight.

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Jordan Aspen

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