Living the dream: My story

Your story can end in living the dream too

When I was a young teen I had a dream. I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up: a wife and mama who contributed to her household’s income through some kind of work-from-home endeavor.

I was inspired by women with sewing pattern companies like Jennie Chancey’s Sense & Sensibility and Megan Nielsen Patterns. After about a decade of growing my skills I started putting my designs out into the world. I found moderate success, but it didn’t feel right.

So I left my sewing studio in Arizona and moved to Kansas to intern for a non-profit.

As I leaned into my 20s I wondered if any part of my dream would ever come true. I didn’t know anyone who would take me as his wife, and even if someone did, I wasn’t sure what kind of productive work I could do from our home while caring for our children.

When my internship ended I dipped my toe back into the sewing pattern world. I published a book detailing one of my most successful designs, updating and expanding the instructions into a poetic story.

This eventually led to a fellow professional creative asking me to help her tell the stories of her work. The stories I wrote for and about her immediately brought her more client work. I grew more confident in my storytelling skills and started offering my services to others.

Right around this time I also became a wife, and in no time I found myself a mama as well. All these wandering paths led me to where I am now: living the dream.

I sit here typing this story as my girl plays with her own keyboard on the floor and tiny baby kicks me from the inside.

This ability to live my dream is all because of stories.

* See, It was Jennie and Megan’s stories that inspired me.
* Then at the nonprofit I learned to tell stories from a stage.
* Later the story I published in my book led to other professionals asking me to tell their stories…

And now I want to help you learn to tell stories too, so that you can grab hold of your dreams.

Whether it’s running a business from home, finally putting your book out into the world, or selling some other product or service, learning to tell a compelling story will help you find success.

1. Tell me about your dream in a comment here.

2. Then check out my free course, Storytelling Made Simple, Business Edition. It starts Monday!

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