Leverage the power of story

{why entrepreneurs should learn the art of storytelling}

I was a storyteller before I wrote for professional clients. After drafting multiple many-thousand-word manuscripts that aren’t worth reading I realized I wasn’t cut out to be a novelist. My writing has been much more effective at helping entreprenuers achieve success than it is at purely entertaining.

Stories are more memorable than facts.

Until I began to read biographies and attend reenactments I had trouble grasping history. Names and dates seemed pointless, but stories gave life to dry facts through relatable characters, captivating struggles, and hope-filled outcomes.

The reader will tend to relate to the main character.

When I first started writing case studies as a seamstress I talked about the process from my own perspective. I would wax eloquent on the meticulous details that took me hours or the fun I had picking out materials.

Conflict drives good stories.

The journey from trial to triumph is compelling. When a reader sees the story’s main character overcome her problems he is more likely to believe he can overcome his own.

Everyone loves a Happily Ever After.

A little girl loves seeing the princess ride off with the prince because she dreams of that happening to her someday. Sure, sometimes a story that doesn’t wrap up with a pretty bow in the end is more relatable, but we all need a fairytale ending at least once in a while.

In summary: When you tell a story your reader relates to that begins with a struggle and ends with a triumph, your reader is liable to become a paying customer or client because he wants that story to become his own.

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