Keep It Simple, Stupid

{except I don’t really think you’re stupid}

When you communicate it can be easy to get caught up in finding fancy phrases or elaborating on complicated concepts. Usually this is unnecessary. Keep your words simple and focus on getting your message across.


Maintain. Preserve.
Communicate your message with accuracy. Focus on what you want to say and keep to it. If you are passing on something you learned from someone else preserve the integrity of their initial message. If you are exploring a new idea maintain a steady focus on the topic at hand; don’t get sidetracked with tangents.


What one point do you want to get across? Focus on that and make sure everything you say points to it. Tangental examples should come back around to support your main topic. Resist the urge to have multiple morals to the story you are telling as that will weaken all of them. Choose one and make it strong.


You may feel like you are not eloquent enough to say what you would like to, but the truth is that we need all styles of writers. If only those who use vast vocabularies and invent intricate imagery write then who will reach the one who prefers communication that is clear and gets straight to the point?


Address your reader directly, but please don’t call him stupid. I apologize for setting such a poor example. As you choose your words consider your reader and select phrases that he will understand and relate to. Do not write to the masses; write to one person.

So there you have it: Keep it simple, stupid.

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