I have spent ten weeks telling my writing students that if they simply put words on a page they have been successful at writing. I have given them different inspirations and motivations to try on for size, but the one point I drive home is simply write.

Meanwhile I find myself playing the hypocrite. I got caught up in clients and copy, marketing and following.

So this month I decided to use the Series” tool here on Medium to return to my roots. I’m keeping a daily diary roughly in the style of my old poetry blog — the one with stats that didn’t matter to me because it was a place to pour out my heart, not amass followers.

This little project has already been so good for me, and I’m only a week in.

Thank you, Michael Woronko, for this additional encouragement in the right direction.

Wife💑Mama👧👦Entrepreneur✍️Cut the time you spend writing in half: http://civanpro.com/blink

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