How to Help Your Child Learn

Hint: a “normal” education isn’t the only way to get a GOOD education

In 2016 I quit the most “normal” job I’d ever had. The previous year-and-a-half I had split my time between the desk and the lecture platform. It was stressful and ultimately just not a great fit.

I’d always struggled to fit in.

That spring I found myself adrift. I knew I didn’t want another day job, but the entrepreneurial project I had started as a high-schooler had never grown enough to actually sustain me. I couldn’t just go back to that.

Thankfully I hadn’t been brought up to believe that I had to be “normal” in order to be successful so 2016 ended up being the most pivotal year of my life to date.

My parents had gifted me with a GOOD education that was far from normal.

Because they had inspired a love of learning I dove head-first back into the entrepreneurial world. My first experiment in high school had taught me what I didn’t know about business and so I had spent my evenings after work at the day job listening to podcasts that filled the gap. By the time I quit my “normal” job I knew what to do to make my crazy idea work.

That’s why I’m writing this today — because it did work!

Our business looks a lot different from the one I started in 2016, but that’s the point. Because my parents had taught me to love learning I was open to the kind of growth and change that has made Civilized Animal Productions what it is today.

The educational climate heading into 2020 is uncertain. “Normal” education isn’t really an option for your children — every “normal” school is disrupted.

Why not make the uncertainty into an opportunity like I did in 2016?

How can you give your children a GOOD education even if “normal” is no longer an option?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Give them some freedom to explore their own interests without any pressure to “achieve” or “succeed”
  2. Try something they are interested in yourself and let them watch you experiment, fail, and try again
  3. Get support from fellow parents and experts because you don’t have to do this alone!

You can find that kind of support in this Facebook group that we started as a part of The Stay Out of School Summit live event July 26–28.

Click over, introduce yourself, and tell us how old your children are. That way you can connect with other parents and find the support from others who are in your shoes.

This group is for parents who want to help their children get the best education they can, whether that’s through homeschool, online learning, an in-person classroom, or some combination of these!

I look forward to seeing you inside.

Wife💑Mama👧👦Entrepreneur✍️Cut the time you spend writing in half:

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