How to get a 100% open rate on your email

What I learned through writing an email that everyone opened

The other day I sent an email that got a 100% open rate and 57% click rate. That means everyone opened it and over half the people clicked the link inside. Here’s proof:

When industry standard is more like 18% this is pretty unbelievable. I freely admit that the title of this article seems click-bait-y.

Click-bait titles are only really frustrating when the content on the other side doesn’t deliver though, so I’m going to deliver. I will show you exactly what I did and how I intend to apply what I’ve learned to writing future emails—because it doesn’t matter that this email did so well if we can’t replicate even a fraction of the success, right?

The first thing to note is that this was not an email sent to my entire list.

I sent this to seven people who had signed up for an exclusive workshop. They were only receiving the email because they were the first seven people to register. They were expecting this in their inbox:

This isn’t a typical scenario. Usually we are writing emails that will be sent to many more than seven people, so the question is: How can I get similar results with “normal” emails sent to my full list?

My main takeaway is this:

These people opened the email because they wanted it.

In order to have more people open the emails I send I need to be sure that those people want those emails. I see two ways of accomplishing this:

  1. Only write what the people on my list want to receive.
  2. Only have people on my list that want to receive what I write.

I have spent too long trying to conform myself to the former. Now I am embracing the latter.

This has resulted in a fair number of unsubscribes in recent weeks. On the other hand, my new subscribers are far more eager to engage with what I send. In fact, I am gaining new subscribers in leaps and bounds compared to before! Now that I send more emails and now that those emails are very focused in nature the subscribers who do stick around are far more engaged.

Sure, you can see that dip at the end of this chart, but notice that even the lowest point of the dip is much higher than the plateau I was lost in for months before the spike.

Ultimately we fear sending more emails because we know that every email we send will likely result in an unsubscribe…or two…or far more! I say WE because I feel this too. Today I hit “send” on an email and started thinking about how many people might take the opportunity to click that little button in the footer—until I realized I should be focused more on how many would click the links in the email body!

I just checked my analytics. More than twice as many people have clicked the “CTA” links than have unsubscribed, so I consider that a win.

I am learning to take my own advice.

See, I teach other course creators how to turn subscribers into paying students without annoying sales tactics. One of the things I tell them is that sending frequent emails — even on the daily! — isn’t something they should be afraid of.

If their subscribers are their people then they will love getting these emails—even emails with hard sells!

The email I sent right before this email with a 100% open rate had a hard sell. It pointed to the sales page for that exclusive workshop with only seven spots. Of all the people who received it my people were so eager to click through and buy from me that the workshop was full in a matter of hours.

My people were excited to open, click, and buy.

I didn’t have to use a countdown timer, false scarcity, sales-y language, or repeated reminders. I simply had to show up, share something I knew they wanted, and let them act.*

In helping my students learn these things I am also learning them at a deeper, more real level myself.

I’m right there with them. I’m right here with you. Working to use email to the best of my ability—not just to get another sale but to build another relationship. The kind of relationship with good give-and-take that will stand the test of time.

*Well, I also had to communicate it in a clear, complete, and compelling way, but I can’t get into all of that today. I do have a whole free training on the topic though.

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