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How to find clarity when you don’t know what to write

{turning a glimmer of an idea into a full-blown article}

Time to write, but… what? What happens when you have a firm grasp on the 3 ways to kill writer’s block and still feel stuck? Even if you have a topic idea ready it can still be difficult to turn it into a fleshed-out article. You have plenty to say, but how to communicate it clearly?

Establish a clear objective before starting to write.

Write with purpose. Having a clear goal will help you write words worth reading (and worth paying for).

End with a CTA… or don’t.

A blatant CTA is not always necessary. Even if you don’t use one, having an idea of where you want to end your article helps direct the flow of your words like choosing a destination directs the steps of your journey.

Even if the objective is simply to write, that is okay.

Write for yourself, write to persuade, or write to spread beauty. It doesn’t so much matter what you write so long as you have a purpose and a goal. When you know why you are writing, it will become clear what you are to write.

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