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How I’m building a loyal following

{attracting an audience that knows, likes, and trusts me}

Of all the things that go into “being a writer” one that I have struggled with is building my audience. I don’t have it all figured out now, but I have figured out this much: to attract an audience that will stick, the words must resonate. The catch is making those words resonate…

Writing for myself attracted an accidental audience.

Though my main purpose in writing these poems was self-focused, I wrote some of my best poems with a particular person in mind. For example, I wrote the poem for the mothers without children in their arms for my friend Lori and who am I really was for Shannon. Both poems resonate deeply, even with people I have never met, because I wrote them for real individuals.

I would have been just as content to keep all of the poems locked in a diary as I was posting them publicly. In fact, there are some that I was very hesitant to share, others that I changed before publishing, and even more that I did keep hidden from the public.

If I had set out to build a following this route would never have worked for me. Things like views and comments would have been a distraction. Without a passion beyond wanting my words to be read I would not have had the motivation to sustain the habit.

However, because I published consistently and didn’t worry about pleasing anyone but myself, I attracted a small following. Two years after starting the poetry blog a few followers asked me to compile the poems into a book they could hold in their hands. So I did.

Writing for everyone distanced my audience.

The problem was that as I wrote I considered the many people who might read what I was writing. It stifled me: I worried about what people might think and I was afraid they might misunderstand my words. Even when I shook off the concern of whether I would be accepted I still couldn’t focus enough to create great work when I had the distraction of knowing that my readers could be coming from any number of differing perspectives.

I slowly learned that when I tried to write for everyone my words resonated with no one. On the other hand, when I wrote with one single person in mind a surprising number of readers responded favorably. I reached more people when I set out to reach just one.

Writing for one person resonates with my audience.

When it comes to these daily articles I choose one of a few friends from my business community and write for him or her. Whether or not they know it, these articles are for them.

🤔So tell me, while reading this article did it feel like I was speaking directly to you?

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