Guilty as charged. I spent the entire month of August experimenting with the Partner Program and Medium in general. The last story I published was 10 lessons I learned from the experiment.

I’m not usually one to play social media numbers games, but I’m enjoying this one. Maybe it’s because I get a few pennies, even dollars, here and there. Maybe it’s because I have finally discovered a social media platform that centers around something I love — writing — and not selfies. I kinda hate selfies.

My first blog was a gift from my dad for my 12th birthday 14 years ago. I have kept an active blog ever since, but I have never monetized any of them. Even now that I am taking part in the Medium Partner Program I am not focused on monetization. My focus will continue to be using writing to support my personal business and inspire others. That and feeding my ego, of course, but you have covered that point quite well in the original article I’m responding to ;)

Thanks for writing. It’s making me think.

Wife💑Mama👧👦Entrepreneur✍️Cut the time you spend writing in half:

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