Fortunately I found this post from Garrett Mickley before I wrote my first Medium comment, so hopefully I will be doing Medium comments right from the beginning!

I have a tendency to obsess over this: doing something right from the start. Too often this obsession keeps me from trying at all. It’s been said that INTJs may appear to be good at anything, but only because they don’t allow themselves to be seen doing anything they aren’t good at. As an INTJ, maybe it’s just my lot in life…

Or maybe recognizing this tendency can allow me to both leverage it as a strength and keep it from being my weakness.

I can accept that people will look to me as an expert. Instead of letting imposter syndrome scare me into hiding I can put myself out there and help people. I may know that I am not the best in my field, but if I am more of an expert than one other person the least I can do is teach them what I know so that they can be better.

Knowing my tendency to hide until I achieve some elusive level of perfection, I can choose to break out of my shell instead. Telling my true story and sharing my mistakes will make me more human, more relatable, more approachable. If I am approachable I can reach more people.

This is the goal, after all: to reach people, to help them, to make their lives better.

May I always keep the goal in mind.

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