Fear not the awkward phrasing

{you can always edit later}

Putting words on the page is simple, but it sure isn’t easy.

Who hasn’t experienced writer’s block or blank page syndrome? Writing is simply putting words on a page. It’s simple. You have words running through your head all the time so why is it so hard to write out those thoughts?

The truth is, you’re thinking too much. You’re thinking about whether or not the words you think are worth recording. You’re thinking about the best order to put them in.


Go back to the simple task of putting words on the page.

Practice stream-of-consciousness writing.

Write down every word that comes into your head. If you think, “I don’t have anything to say,” write that down. If you don’t want to write, say so. The goal of this exercise is to let the words begin to flow. Once you break the dam and let the debris wash away, the waters will clear up.

Reaching a point of clarity doesn’t mean your words will flow onto the page perfectly and be ready to publish immediately. Quite the opposite, actually. The words will be fluid, ready for you to move and change them until they communicate what you want them to.

Keep the drafting and editing stages separate.

Write first. Let all the words flow out and resist the urge to overthink and change them as you go. After they are out of your head and on the page you can edit and revise them to your heart’s content.

Embrace the messiness of the rough draft. Fear not the awkward phrasing. Record the random words.

Then, after all the words are on the page, edit them into a masterpiece.

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