Do something badly today

{you can’t improve what doesn’t yet exist}

When you’re passionate about something you want to see it done right. You steep yourself in the work of the masters, learning what makes them great. It hurts when you see something done poorly.

You’re a novice at best, maybe a beginner, certainly not an expert. So when you attempt something new you cringe at the result because you see every way that it falls short of the work you admire.

Procrastination kills passion before it has a chance to grow.

It’s easy to put off sharing what you create until you reach some nebulous and elusive “good enough.” Maybe you begin in secret, promising yourself that you will publish “someday.” You keep it up for a while, but when you have nothing to show for your hard work — simply because you are afraid to show it — it becomes harder and harder to put in the work. So you don’t.

Sharing your work publicly isn’t technically necessary for success. Still, in this age of social media, anything you don’t share feels nonexistent. “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” #amiright? These days sharing is a huge motivator. Choose to embrace it.

Your first will be the worst so get it out of the way.

Whether you publish your first blog post today or in five years, that first post is not going to be your best work. Imagine, though, how much better your five-years-from-now post will be if you begin blogging today!

The blogger who began publishing her writing when she was twelve years old has a vast body of work by the time she is twenty-five. A lot of it is pretty worthless. Some of it turned into books. All of it prepared her to write for professional clients. I know because she is me.

Keep your early work so you can see your growth.

Think about the early work of those masters you admire. You could probably find some of it if you dug deep enough into the archives. When you find it you will see that these masters began as novices just like you.

Stop being afraid to put out mediocre work. Publish it and keep publishing until you glance back and realize that somewhere along the line it stopped being mediocre. Look back and laugh. Look back and smile. Because a laughable beginning leads to a mastery you can take pride in.

Share something imperfect today so that you can share something better tomorrow. Make something bad and then refine and iterate until you can make it great. Start now and even if your progress is slow you will be miles ahead of where you would have been without this early start.

🤔 What are you waiting for?

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