why you broke up with your bullet journal

How to have a good relationship with your bullet journal:

1. Forget everything you’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest and watch this video created by Ryder Carroll.

2. When you do want to add customization, add a little at a time.

3. Do what works for you.

The bullet journal method may not be for everyone, but far too many people don’t give it a fair chance. I’d love to see more people fall in love with their bujo.

If your relationship with your bullet journal is struggling, message me on Instagram!

I’d be happy to help rekindle the fire that got you interested in the first place. (Yes, even though I don’t post a lot of bujo content anymore—I’m still pretty passionate about it!)

Wife💑Mama👧👦Entrepreneur✍️Cut the time you spend writing in half: http://civanpro.com/blink

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