After self-publishing my poetry book and my husband’s book of meditations I can vouch for the accuracy of this article!

It isn’t easy and it isn’t simple but if self-publishing is a good fit it’s worth it. Now, how to know whether it’s a good fit or not…

Self-publishing was a good fit for me because I’m interested in the bigger picture of building my brand and selling other products and services. I didn’t publish my book for the sake of publishing a book. I published this book in response to my readers’ demand and as a way to continue making my mark as someone who is passionate about beautiful words whether poem or professional case study.

Self-publishing was right for my husband because he too had an audience asking for this book. Since I had recently gone through the process we were able to put his book out pretty quickly — certainly more quickly than if we had taken the traditional route.

I don’t have a one-size-fits-all way to determine whether self-publishing is right for any individual book. I think that’s kind of the point! One-size-fits-all never works too well and so there are options: different publishing houses even within the traditional publishing umbrella and various alternate routes as well.

Ultimately an individual must determine his or her goals for the project and from there decide the best route to take to accomplish those goals.

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