A Recipe for Feminine Rest

In a Masculine World

Jordan Aspen
14 min readJan 7, 2022


“The chances of you making a lasting change on January first is 1 in 365.”
Sarah Jordan in Resolute Reflection

One of the most pivotal, life-altering moments in my life happened on November 24, a day that could have easily been just another day.

The change was one I had been craving for years.

No New Year’s resolution had made much headway, no amount of resolve let me claim the life I wanted just because the calendar turned over. The change came when I was ready to receive it, on a random November afternoon.

Sarah Jordan, my cycle-syncing coach, helped me understand why I was finally ready that November and not before. Even better, she showed me how to use that understanding to bring about the changes I want, instead of waiting around until the time happens to be right.

She gave me this recipe that I now share with you with her permission.

How to have a restful, fulfilling new year

The significance of New Year’s Day is found in marking the passage of time. Time passing brings growth and growth brings change, but January first isn’t special. Just because it marks the turning of a year doesn’t make it different from any other date on the calendar.

That random day in November marked a more significant turn than any New Year’s Day ever had.

We attach big expectations and hopes to a new year and, in so doing, set ourselves up for disappointment. Why? Because we cannot count on a new year to revolutionize everything that has brought us to this point.

We had 11 months to make a change, waiting for New Year’s Day and treating it like a golden ticket that will let us into the chocolate factory where we will find everything we’ve ever wanted.

There’s no magic wand or golden ticket.

Time alone does not heal all wounds, and time alone does not bring the positive…



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