Learn from these experts for free instead

I’ve learned a lot from Google, and YouTube, and Pinterest, and Facebook, and Instagram about starting and running an online business. It’s incredible how much free information there is out there!

It’s incredible how much free info is out there…

Some of it’s good. Some of it’s bad. And some…

Do you choose a word for the year?

I don’t choose a word for the year. Every year, a word chooses me.

The first time it happened was in 2012. Beginning in November the word “Hope” kept coming up in conversation. In December the mentions increased, and being the logophile that I am I wanted to do a…

When I met Miranda, I crouched down to her level

Looked into her eyes

And saw more than I could have imagined

Her eyes reflected fear and trust and desperation all at once

She clung to me with those eyes

Beautiful eyes

At night, eyes shut, she clung to me…

Jordan Aspen

Wife💑Mama👧👦👶Entrepreneur✍️Let other people sell for you: http://civanpro.com/

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