It’s an ongoing battle

I’m not the best. Someone else could do a better job than me.

This is the voice of Imposter Syndrome, a voice I’ve been battling for years. In 2018 I wrote about beating this voice. I didn’t lie—I was beating Imposter Syndrome back then, but this voice is persistent. …

Don’t gamble on trial-and-error

Hosting an online summit is an overwhelming process. There are so many moving pieces!

Without going through the process yourself you can’t possibly know what those moving pieces are or how they interact—unless you have someone experienced show you what’s “behind the curtain.”

That’s why I was so glad to…

Haley Burkhead swears by it—but is it right for you?

Note: I include affiliate links in this case study, but only to products or services I actually recommend. They are clearly disclosed as like this: [affiliate link]. …

…but which one?

I know I’ve been paralyzed by that question in the past.

I have so many interests — things I love to do, things people tell me I’m good at, and things that I can’t let go of, even if I try. How’s a girl to decide where her true passion lies?

I set aside a month to rest and reflect. A…

Parenting + entrepreneurship is harder.

I scroll and see the lifestyles of successful small business owners and cannot put myself where they are.

They chillax. I have children.

Productivity tips that they swear by are…

So I’m writing this instead

This is more or less a stream-of-consciousness piece; lightly edited to make sense, but otherwise pretty raw.

I’m supposed to be writing an emotionally draining piece that has been weighing on me for months. Nearly a year, actually. I wrote part one late in 2019 and it’s a fairly popular…

7 simple steps that aren’t fast or easy

Last year I did something that completely changed the trajectory of my business.

I stopped listening to everybody.

There are plenty of “gurus” out there talking about this social media hack or that launch strategy. I was addicted to lead magnets and free downloads. …

Hint: a “normal” education isn’t the only way to get a GOOD education

In 2016 I quit the most “normal” job I’d ever had. The previous year-and-a-half I had split my time between the desk and the lecture platform. It was stressful and ultimately just not a great fit.

I’d always struggled to fit in.

That spring I found myself adrift. I knew…

Jordan Aspen

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