5 Emails to Send Next Time You Want to Sell Something

Write them now before you’re overwhelmed with launching

What’s the goal?

According to Campaign Monitor marketing emails average about an 18% open rate and 2.6% click rate. In contrast, our latest launch sequence had upwards of 51% open rates and an average click rate of 4.4% — and we sent these emails to a pretty cold audience.

The goal is different for each email and every sequence you write. Emails hyper-focused on getting clicks can easily have click rates of 12–15% or higher!

A deep strategy that lets each email build upon the last will improve your conversion rates—and improved conversion rates mean more sales.

Ultimately more sales is the goal, and the goal of these 5 emails is to turn your subscribers into students.

Write them now, send them later.

I’m serious. If you have time to be reading on Medium you have time to write at least the first of these five emails.

When I set my mind to it I can write and edit an email in 15 minutes—I’ve timed myself. I want to give you the tools to do the same.

One of our students drafted all five in 30 minutes! She said that usually she would have spent at least an hour on each, not including the time spent editing, so don’t think “Well I guess she’s just a fast writer.” She isn’t.

I don’t care if you think you can’t write. She thought she couldn’t either. We taught her different.

Try timing yourself. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Here’s what to write:

Email #1:

Make a guarantee. Tell your audience what to expect from your offer. Show them how you will change their lives once they buy from you. Do NOT use words like “might, should, maybe, or think” when you can use strong, confident words like “can, will, and know.”

Email #2:

Invite your audience to participate in the life change you are offering. Tell them how much time they will spend and what kind of action you expect from them. Show them what it will be like to implement the tools and knowledge you have to offer.

Email #3:

Be your audience’s guide. Tell them why you care enough to help them. Show them how you intend to walk alongside them on their journey. Let them get to know you on a more personal level, perhaps even telling your own transformation story.

Email #4:

Provide your audience with a sense of companionship. Tell them about others you have helped. Show them how they can join these others. If you have a community or private group as a part of your offer this is the perfect time to highlight it.

Email #5:

This final email is your opportunity to show how committed you are to changing your audience’s lives. Help them to see that if they struggle you will be there to help them. This will look different depending on the details of your offer, but even if you do not include any personalized help you can still show them what will happen if they encounter roadblocks along the way.

Want some more detailed help?

We created an Email Launch Blueprint that dives deep into the strategy behind this sequence of five emails. It’s not free, but this video training is. It will show you how to turn your subscribers into paying students without sleazy hacks or sales-y tactics.

I’m ready to guide you through the process. Are you ready to make some deep connections with your people? Now you have a proven plan and outline, it’s in your court.

Get writing so you can help your people.

Wife💑Mama👧👦Entrepreneur✍️Cut the time you spend writing in half: http://civanpro.com/blink

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