30 Days to Better Writing

I have completed this course twice — it’s that good. The goal of 30 Days to Better Writing is to help the student to build a writing habit. The lessons are short and end with a clear prompt that lets the student immediately apply the theory.

My first time through I did it alone.

I had just published my first book and was about to begin work on my second. Prior to this point I had been known as a seamstress, not a writer. I decided to use this course to help me become confident in saying “I am a writer.”

Some of the exercises were familiar. Even though I wasn’t yet confident declaring “I am a writer” I had been known for my writing skills to some degree for some time. For example, I had taught a creative writing class for my family’s homeschool co-op years before.

Stream-of-consciousness writing, though, which is the bedrock of this course, was somewhat new to me. Before this course convinced me otherwise, I thought such ramblings were a waste of time.

“I was amazed at how helpful stream-of-consciousness writing actually is once you get going. It took me days of doing, but finally the cobwebs were swept aside and I was able to produce something worthwhile, even in the midst of stream-of-consciousness writing, while it used to be that all I would do was ramble randomness, kind of like this sentence.”

— My reflections on the 30th day of the course, October 2016

The second time through was with Community support.

As a Gold Member of the seanwes Community it was a no-brainer to go through this course a second time when it became a group activity. We had a long accountability thread and checked in daily to share progress, struggles, and general thoughts.

It was an entirely new experience for me, not only because I had friends along with me for the journey but also because I decided to use the extra motivation to accomplish a bigger goal.

I already had a writing habit. It had been nearly two years since the course had helped me to become confident in saying “I am a writer” so I gave myself an additional challenge: Not only would I write, I would also produce a publishable article every single day. You can find all of them here on Medium.

I recommend 30 Days to Better Writing if you want to build or strengthen a writing habit.

The hardest part of defeating the blank page is knowing what to write about. Sean takes away the excuse of having nothing to write about by providing clear prompts at the end of every lesson.

While this course will benefit anyone who wants to buckle down and write, it is especially suited to small business owners who want to apply the basics of content marketing to their online presence. There are lessons on crafting blog posts and creating lead magnets, for example. They will inspire you to publish your writing even if you don’t see yourself as a writer.

If you think this course might be for you I encourage you to dive into a Gold Membership for a month and use it as an opportunity to experience the Community as well as take the course. There’s a 30-day Money Back Guarantee so you can’t lose. When you join give me a shoutout in your introduction post so I can be sure to say hello!

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