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10 things I’ve learned from writing and publishing daily

{tips and tricks collected from a process of trial and error}

1. Waking early helps me write faster and better.

2. Writing daily doesn’t have to be time consuming.

3. Documentation is easier than creation.

4. Putting something on the page is better than nothing.

5. Rough drafts can be rough.

6. Solving problems for my readers is rewarding.

7. Words written for one person resonate with many.

8. I can kill writer’s block before it has a chance to paralyze me.

9. An ideal writing environment helps.

10. An ideal writing environment isn’t necessary.

The only thing that is vital to building a writing habit is writing. Tips and tricks can help, but ultimately I simply have to choose to write. Perhaps that is the main thing I’ve learned from writing and publishing every day.

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